Saturday, May 24, 2008

A New Start...

Okay...I have been unable to successfully maintain a blog. I love to read blogs. I love to write. I love to tell people about my kids. So what exactly is my problem? Honestly I'm not sure. But here I am starting fresh and I hope I can make this work.
So it's the holiday weekend and we really don't have any huge plans. Logan got his first haircut today. And I failed to document it in photographs...but I promise to get out the camera sometime this weekend, so everyone can see my big boy. He sat on my lap and let grandma snip off his curls. He is such a wiggle worm, we didn't even try letting him sit on his own. I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up.
Tomorrow's big plans include making sure our house is ready to host a family barbeque on Monday. I wish I could say my house is always company ready, however I am lacking in the housekeeping realm. But the task always seems more overwhelming to think about, as we actually do it, I know it won't be so bad.
Hooray for the 3 day weekend!

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