Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010...Here We Come

Can you believe it? Here I am on my blog. I am hanging out with my kids...playing video games, eating junk food and trying to stay awake to ring in the new year.

I have been thinking about all the things I would like to do better this year. But I have also been thinking that I am pretty pleased with the year 2009. Jacob, Ally. Logan and I have all grown up a lot and we have had a great deal of fun in the process. Here's a couple pictures to show how we have grown...

Christmas Tree, 2008

Christmas Tree, 2009

It's amazing the difference a year can make. I look at my blog and wish that I would have documented all the growth this year. So in 2010, I am going to really try to document our life. My goal is that next year at this time, I can create a hard copy of what I posted in 2010 and it will be a kind of scrapbook of our year.

We have much more growing to do this year and I hope that you can watch it on my blog. Here are just a few of the many things that our family will work on this year...

I would like to develop more healthy habits. I spent a few months in 2009 working on healthy eating and exercise habits. I wish I could say I was diligent and didn't fall off the wagon. But I have gotten lazy and I eat too much junk. So this year I have to really work on making these changes my way of life, rather than a "diet".

I'm excited to watch Jacob keep growing into a young man. I really want Jacob and I to work on our patience with reading and spelling. Jacob is at such an important age. He is soaking in everything and really growing up. He has been struggling because reading and spelling don't come easy to him. Jacob is going to need to do a lot of reading and I need to work on finding ways to make him realize it isn't work.

Ally is such a fun girl. But this year I hope that she can work on controlling her emotions. We will start by working on tears. She is very dramatic and crying is something she does often. When Ally is crying, she is going to need to find a spot to sit and calm down until she can talk about what is wrong.

My big 2010 goal for Logan is (drumroll please) NO MORE DIAPERS. I know we will get there when he is ready. But I'm really hoping he will be ready sooner, rather than later.

I'm so thankful for the year my kids and I have had and I am so excited for this year to come. Happy New Year! Yay for 2010!

Monday, August 31, 2009

What Happened?

I sit here pondering what has happened to my kids. I found this picture. It's not the best picture but it really portrays the 3 of them and I remember having so much fun taking them through Storybook Land that day.
But I've looked all over my house and I don't know what happened. The kids in my house are much too big. They look like this...

And like this...
And like this...

How could there be a 2nd grader and a preschooler in my house? Along with another little boy who is old enough and smart enough to put together a 100 piece puzzle. They are such special kids and my time with them is so precious. Just wanted a little reminder!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here is Logan on the Fourth of July, along with a little insight from me on what was going on in that head of his.
Wow, Grandma convinced Mom to let me use the bubbles all by myself!
Finally, I can try to taste them...they look so good.
Pretty good, I'll have a little more.

Okay Mom, calm down...there's some bubbles.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dear Jacob...

It's amazing to think that it has been 7 years since you were born, and I became a mom. On that day in July, 2002, there is no way I could have imagined how wonderful it would be to be your mommy. It's amazing the pride I feel with you for every accomplishment, as well I feel pain with you when you are disappointed.

Turning 7 makes you seem like such a big kid (and you are a big kid). You had a wonderful 1st grade year and you discovered your love of math and numbers. No matter what we're doing, you somehow find a way to add or subtract. As a matter of fact, just the other day you pointed out to me that it is only 6 years until you are a teenager.

I am constantly learning from you. I am often challenged by your intelligence. You always pay attention to what is going on around you and you keep me on my toes as a mom. You are also such a good big brother. You are (usually) patient with Ally and Logan. And I can tell that you want the best for them. I am lucky that you are so willing to help and teach them.

Everytime I ask you what you want to be when you grow up, you change your mind. Sometimes you say dentist, other days you talk about running a restaurant. But every time I ask, you do let me know that you plan to make a lot of money. You told me you will save a million dollars. And you have also promised Grandma that she can live with you after you buy your house. I know you are determined and I am sure that whatever you do someday, you will be successful.

When I say 7 years it sounds like a long time, but it has gone by so fast. I am so glad that I can look ahead and try to imagine what the future holds for you. However, anything that I imagine does not even compare to you and the things you do.

I am so proud to be your mom. Thank you for working so hard in all you do and making me so proud. I love you more than I ever could have imagined!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

This week was Vacation Bible School. Jacob and Ally had a blast! It was good for Jacob to spend time with kids his own age (he is the oldest at daycare and gets a little bored). And Ally loves anything that is "school." Thursday was crazy hair here are some pictures of the crazy hair dos.

Ally's never had much hair, so it is fun for me and her now that it is long enough for ponytails.

It is hard to do crazy hair for Jacob...
If you're ever taking pictures of Jacob, do not tell him to causes him to make some very strange faces.

And we can't forget Logan. He may not have gone to VBS but he is still super cute!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Loving My Logan...

Logan has suddenly become a little boy instead of my baby. He has began speaking in full sentences and he just loves to tell you what he sees. He loves to talk about automobiles and animals, especially trains and birds. He is such a special boy...I'm so lucky to be his mommy!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

1st Grade Zoo Trip

There couldn't be a better way to celebrate the end of the school year, than a fun filled field trip to the zoo! Jacob only has 3 and a half days until he is done with 1st grade.
Jacob on the bus
Serious Jacob reading his map

Jacob and me on the train

Jacob and Cerri on the train

Jacob liked the tiger better than this elephant. However my tiger pictures did not turn out, so enjoy my elephant picture.

Running around in a field after Jacob decided we had seen the whole zoo.

Class picture and yes that is my son who may be crab walking rather than sitting like everyone else.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

(Not So) Tough Little Ally

Sometimes my little Ally is so much tougher than her brothers. However when she falls or gets bumped, she cries (a lot!). She spent a day with my mom last week and fell down and scraped her knee. We found out she does not do well with blood. There was a great deal of crying (I actually called in the midst of this and could hear some of the drama). She apparently, at one point, even asked, "Will my skin ever grow back?"

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Music and Tigers

Jacob has less than 2 weeks left of the 1st grade. It's hard for me to believe that he is headed into 2nd grade. I distinctly remember being in 2nd grade, making it weird for me that Jacob is that old. Making it seem like a big deal, as well, is the fact that he heads to a new school next year. Right now he is in a primary school with just Kindergarten and 1st grade. I know the elementary school seems much bigger to me, but I don't even think it's a blip on Jacob's radar.
This week I got to go see Jacob's class put on a short music program in the school library. After the music I was able to go see Jacob's animal report and diorama. Jacob chose to write his report on the Siberian Tiger. I must say I was so impressed by this project. It was a big deal for these kids and I could tell how proud Jacob was.
This week I'm going with the 1st grade classes to the zoo. I think it should be a pretty fun day and I really hope we get to see a tiger for Jacob.
It has been quite a growing year for my oldest son. I am very thankful for the teacher he has been with this year. She did a fantastic job encouraging him.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


As I have shared with you before, taking a decent picture of Jacob is nearly impossible. So imagine my surprise when I put my memory card in my computer tonight and found this.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hold Your Loved Ones a Little Closer...

I had posted about the anniversary of losing my dad a couple of weeks ago. I didn't mean for the post to be sad, but I think it turned out that way. After I read what I had written I promised myself to make my blog a happy place. I really have a great life and have so much for which I am thankful. I want everyone to know that my life is truly blessed.

But today I am sad. This weekend my grandpa passed away. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Richard. He was officially my step-grandpa. But he held a very special place in my heart. My kids and I spent the afternoon and evening with him and my grandma before he left our earthly world. I am so thankful that each of my kids hugged and kissed Grandpa Richard before we left. I am so thankful I kissed him on the cheek as I got ready to leave. Please make sure you tell your loved ones how special they are. I still can't believe that was the last time Richard will talk to me and play with my kids.

I just want everyone to know that I am so thankful that Richard was my grandpa. He was always willing to do anything to help me. He did everything from putting up shelves in my house to babysitting my kids. Richard loved to take care of my babies. If I ever needed or wanted to do something with my older kids, Richard was always willing to take care of the baby.

I remember last year my kids and I were joining Richard and my grandmother at the beach and he wanted to make sure we made it over easily and safely. So he drove from the beach to my home and then back to the beach.

This experience feels very unreal. I am sad. I will miss talking to Richard. I am sad that Jacob will not get to take any more drives in the mountains with Grandpa Richard. I am sad Ally and Logan will not get to climb up and cuddle with Grandpa Richard again. But I know Richard has moved on from our earth to an amazing place where his physical heart isn't going to hinder him anymore. His heart is strong now and I know that he is in heaven still loving my family just like he has for years.

Yeah when I get where I'm going, there'll be only happy tears. I will shed the sins and struggles, I have carried all these years. And I'll leave my heart wide open, I will love and have no fear. Yeah when I get where I'm going, don't cry for me down here. Chorus from When I Get Where I'm Going, sung by Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton