Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Do a Push Up Jacob!

That is what I heard Ally saying last night. And here is what I saw when I looked in at my kids.

Jacob told me afterward that he thinks Logan is heavier than Ally. (I have been thinking the same thing lately.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Got Lost This Weekend...

I am highly susceptible to the power of a good book. I started Hunger Games on Friday and was lost to the fictional world of the story, until I finished today. This book had me hooked from the start. And now, unfortunately, I realized it is the first in a trilogy. The Borders website informed me the second book is due out in September. I guess that book release will be something to look forward to in the fall.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Little American Idol

If you look in the background of this picture, you can see that Ally is singing for Simon Cowell...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Makeover!

About a month ago I won a blog makeover from McMommy. This makeover was done by Erin at DesignerBlogs. I love the new look, maybe it will inspire me to blog more :) I've never had a blog design done before this, but Erin does a wonderful job and works hard to design exactly what you want.

Thank you McMommy and Erin!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting a 2 Year Old in the Car

As you know Logan is my 3rd child...so I'm a seasoned veteran in the toddler parenting department, right? I don't think anybody can truly be a seasoned veteran when it comes to kids. Darn those kids...such individuals. Logan seems to be doing the terrible 2 thing more than my other kids did.
As my kids and I get ready in the morning, there is typically some type of issue. It is just never easy to get all 4 of us ready for the day and out of the house. Lately Logan has been the 1 causing the waves in our morning routine.
His new thing has been as we exit the house to load into the car, he stands in the doorway and says, Carry me! Logan has gotten to the size that I don't really carry him anymore. (He is only 2 pounds lighter than his 4 year old sister.)
Usually my morning is so rushed that I give in, lug him to the car and avoid the catastrophe. Well today I was not working (I got to go see Charlotte's Web with Jacob's class), so I was not in as much of a rush.
Therefore today was the day that Logan and I battled it out. I set him outside the door and closed up the house and headed to the car. Logan stood by the door crying and yelling. I encouraged him to follow. The stubborn boy stood by the door. I climbed into the car and started it. I was in the car along with my 2 oldest children. I was watching Logan and he was literally jumping up and down to emphasize his anger (I think the high schoolers walking to school may have been staring at us). I got out of the car and encouraged Logan to join us in the car. He responded with an emphatic, No!
This was going to be harder than I thought. I got back into the car. Jacob encouraged me to begin driving; he was convinced Logan would follow. I climbed back out, asking Logan to join us. And amazingly my stubborn 2 year old ran over to the car!
I love my Logan, even if he has turned into a stubborn 2 year old!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Concert with Jacob and Coloring with Ally

A few week ago I won tickets to go and see the Brad Paisley concert in Portland, as well as hotel vouchers. I thought this would be a fun outing for Jacob and me. So Friday Jacob and I hit the road and headed to Portland to see the show.
Our hotel parking lot was a big hill and Jacob loved running down this hill. It is so hard to get a good picture of Jacob. I think this picture of him running is one of the best that I got during our time together...

After we checked in at our hotel and rested for a few minutes, we decided to head out. I knew we had a bit of a drive to get to the concert and I thought for sure we would find a restaurant on the way, as well as an ATM. Suddenly, much quicker than I expected, we were upon the Rose Garden and I did not have cash to park and Jacob was complaining that he was hungry.
I pulled into the parking area and said pathetically...Any chance I can pay to park with a debit card? I knew it was stupid. But the nice lady let me park near her booth and go up what felt like a very large staircase to an ATM. She acted like I would just see an ATM at the top. No such luck. Jacob and I wandered around for awhile and did finally stumble upon an ATM. We were then able to go back and park the car. I tried to emphasize to my hungry son that we were on an adventure.
We were able to eat once we were in the Rose Garden. We were both happy and excited to see the show. We found our seats and took some pictures...as I said before getting a decent picture of Jacob is near impossible...

It looks like I am torturing him in this picture...

The first performer was someone that I hadn't heard of, so the excitement level was not too high. At this point Jacob was looking tired. I don't understand this because there have been times when Jacob asked if he could stay up late during a weekend night to watch movies. I usually fall asleep before him on these nights. So then Dierks Bentley came out and I think Jacob would have fell asleep then, but there were quite a few screaming girls behind us. A couple very loud girls right behind us. Jacob gave them a number of looks that made me believe he thought they were crazy.
Then when Brad Paisley came out, Jacob was asleep within about 5 minutes. I guess running up and down the hill at the hotel wore him out. I considered leaving because Jacob was sleeping, but it was a very good show, so I sat and enjoyed it and Jacob slept (further proving my belief that he could sleep through the house falling down around him).
I think he had fun even though he missed the main event. And I know I had fun and was glad to have him along.

Ally was slightly jealous of this outing. So when I came home yesterday, I had my montly Stampin' Up workshop to attend and then it was Ally time. She knew she wanted to go out for smoothies. I told her we should do dinner first. Her first idea was McDonalds. I said not McDonalds. So then she said Burger King. I said how about Mexican food. She said no. We were stuck. She finally came up with Izzys. So off we went for the buffet at Izzys.
We then had to kill some time because we were full and we couldn't get smoothies right away. So we were wandering around the store and decided to get new coloring books, so we could go home and color pictures for each other. We went through the Dutch Brothers drive thru and got strawberry smoothies and headed home to color and watch American Idol.
Ally and I took pictures too. She has a better camera smile than Jacob does.
Silly Faces

Mad Faces

Just the 2 of us
(And my new hair-do; I love it Mom!)

I am lucky to get to have so much fun with my kids. I should have taken some pictures with Logan too. I will have to do that soon. Each of my kids have such fun personalities!