Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting a 2 Year Old in the Car

As you know Logan is my 3rd child...so I'm a seasoned veteran in the toddler parenting department, right? I don't think anybody can truly be a seasoned veteran when it comes to kids. Darn those kids...such individuals. Logan seems to be doing the terrible 2 thing more than my other kids did.
As my kids and I get ready in the morning, there is typically some type of issue. It is just never easy to get all 4 of us ready for the day and out of the house. Lately Logan has been the 1 causing the waves in our morning routine.
His new thing has been as we exit the house to load into the car, he stands in the doorway and says, Carry me! Logan has gotten to the size that I don't really carry him anymore. (He is only 2 pounds lighter than his 4 year old sister.)
Usually my morning is so rushed that I give in, lug him to the car and avoid the catastrophe. Well today I was not working (I got to go see Charlotte's Web with Jacob's class), so I was not in as much of a rush.
Therefore today was the day that Logan and I battled it out. I set him outside the door and closed up the house and headed to the car. Logan stood by the door crying and yelling. I encouraged him to follow. The stubborn boy stood by the door. I climbed into the car and started it. I was in the car along with my 2 oldest children. I was watching Logan and he was literally jumping up and down to emphasize his anger (I think the high schoolers walking to school may have been staring at us). I got out of the car and encouraged Logan to join us in the car. He responded with an emphatic, No!
This was going to be harder than I thought. I got back into the car. Jacob encouraged me to begin driving; he was convinced Logan would follow. I climbed back out, asking Logan to join us. And amazingly my stubborn 2 year old ran over to the car!
I love my Logan, even if he has turned into a stubborn 2 year old!

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