Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Too Much Sharing!

My children are sharing the one thing every mom wishes they wouldnt...their germs. They have been passing the germs from one to another to another and then back again. Today I cried after I received the dreaded call that Ally had gotten sick.
The irony is none of my kids have gotten really bad sick. It's just a yucky stomach thing that won't go away. But today I left work 2 hours early and discovered Ally was not "acting" sick at all. It made me feel a twinge of irritation. I actually thought (for a second), if I am going to miss work these kids need to be really sick.
So for a second of my day, I was actually irritated that my daughter was not laying miserably ill, waiting for me to care for her. When I think about it, I cannot believe how ridiculous I can become.
In the grand scheme of things, this is such a tiny problem. Ally and Logan are going to spend the day with their dad tomorrow, so I don't even have to miss work.
I just have to think (and even write) it out, at times. Then I remember that I am so lucky to have the 3 kids I have, even when they are sharing too much!


Lani said...

We are sharing too...mine have the flu. Ugh. Hang in there--hope everyone has a good day tomorrow!

Sandee said...

OH, I know the feeling. I got a call yesterday to come pick up Mary from school at 12:00 because she was being naughty. (Another boy spat, she spat back.) Her regular pick-up time is 12:30, by our au pair, who I could not reach on phone. Was it really necessary that I leave work to pick her up 30 minutes early?

And when I talked to the teacher, it was not as bad as what was said on the phone. When I talked to Mary, I found out the other boy spat first. (Yes I know, no spitting, but at least it was provoked spitting. lol)

and then she sat in my office for an hour, quiet. I was amazed. She CAN sit that long quiet. :)

And in the big scheme of little this was, huh?

It is challenging being the single momma...I do get that. :)

But has its blessings too.

Pray all will be well at your house soon.