Monday, January 26, 2009

Growing Up is Hard to Do!

Tonight the kids and I didn't head home until a little late. So we went through the McDonalds drive thru. I allow Jacob a small pop when we go out to eat, so I ordered this for him. Ally then asked, When I grow up, can I have pop?

Of course Ally, when you grow up you can drink pop. Suddenly Ally's dramatic side kicked in. But Mom when I grow up, will I live with you? No Ally, when you grow up you will move out on your own.

The worry was evident in Ally's voice, But what if I can't find a house? I guess if you can't find a house, you can still live with me. But I think you'll be able to find one.

At this point Jacob interjected telling her it would be easy. He explained, You just have to look for the ones that are Free Sale, because people aren't living in them. I admit it, I didn't even try to explain real estate at this point. I just let Jacob be the real estate expert; I think Ally needed his reassurance.

We arrived home and were unloading from the car. I realize at this point Ally is almost in tears. What happened Ally? Mommy, I'm going to miss you. In the 2 minute drive home, I had honestly forgotten the conversation. What, you miss me? I will miss you when I have to leave. Oh sweet Ally, it will be a long time so please don't worry about it right now.

This seemed to be enough to help her for most of the evening, but I know the thoughts were still in her head. Because not too long before bed Ally was just about crying again. Holding her foot in the air she said, When I grow up, none of my shoes will fit.

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Sandee said...

Bittersweet, I tell my kids they will live with me until they make enough money that I can live with them! :) So pick their spouse wisely, so he/she will like their momma! lol.