Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Tears and Drama of a Little Girl

Okay...I know Ally is so much healthier since she has recovered from her surgery...but my goodness being healthy has brought out the drama queen that was hiding inside of Ally.
Let's start with Friday morning...I had to work 1 day and then the weekend. That seems pretty easy...but not for Ally. She has never been fond of waking up in the morning and Friday she woke up crying. She cried and she cried. I asked her what she needed...nothing. She said she was trying to stop but she couldn't. And I will admit it, occasionally I got fed up and said, Stop it! So when we got to the babysitter's house, Angie asked her why she was crying. And Ally responded because Mommy yelled at me. Oh my poor, little Ally.
Fast forward to today...Ally and Logan have been doing a great deal of playing together. I love to see this, however Logan is so calm, he has no idea the stress he causes for our drama queen.
Ally and Logan were going to have a tea party this morning. Jacob and I sat in the living room and we could hear Ally screech, It is not time for the party yet! This screeching went on and on. I think I even saw Jacob roll his eyes. Finally Ally came to me in tears. Mommy, Logan will not let me set up the tea party; I'm not ready for the party to start yet! So I held Logan (against his will) while Ally got everything set up perfectly for their party.
This evening I had bathed all my children and I was getting ready to take my own shower. I heard a small amount of hub-bub downstairs, but definitely nothing too exciting. And I heard Jacob say, Just let him have it. Then as I'm about to get in the shower, Ally comes in, again in tears, Mommy, I had something first and Logan wanted it, so I gave it to him! I responded, that was very nice of you...What was it? (Still in tears) The thing I had first! Okay, I said, how nice but what was it? (Crying continues) I don't remember. It must have been something very important to her.
Oh my Ally! I love you even with all the tears and drama!

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