Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Day

Today was beautiful. We made sandwiches and ate dinner on our back porch. The kids had obviously been playing outside quite a bit today and it was so much fun to get to see the kids run straight out into the backyard to get to play some more.

While I was making sandwiches, Logan threw a frisbee over the fence into our neighbor's yard. Even though we have many more frisbees, the kids insisted we walk around the corner to try to get our frisbee back. Unfortunately no one was home, so we came home frisbeeless. I told the kids if we saw the neighbors we would yell over the fence and ask for our frisbee.

Before we came inside, Ally had to point out that we had not gotten the frisbee back. I reassured the kids that it is okay that we may not get the frisbee back. So Logan looked at me and said "Bad day." I asked him why it's a bad day. And he told me because the frisbee was gone.
This made me think about how I let little things ruin my whole day. Today I had an angry patient yell at me. This felt like a big deal for me, so it felt like a bad day. But really in the grand scheme of things, a patient yelling at me didn't make it a bad day, just like the frisbee over the fence was not a bad day for Logan.
Today was a good day. On this day, 3 years ago, my mom had surgery to remove her cancer. Today she is strong and healthy.

Today was a good day. I have 3 beautiful, healthy children.

Today was a good day. We played outside until bathtime.

Today was a good day. I got to use my new camera that my grandpa gifted to me recently.


Sandee said...

So true Nikki. We often will let one thing spoil our perception of a good day! Good you caught it. (the idea, not the frisbee. lol!)

Lani said...

What a great post! Congrats to you and your momma--three years is a great milestone!