Monday, November 10, 2008

I Just Wanted to Take My Kids For Haircuts...

This morning I noticed my children were in need of haircuts. Considering my mom works at SuperCuts, we take care of shaggy hair pretty regularly. So I called my mom this afternoon and asked how busy the day had been. She said it had been pretty steady, but to bring the kids in tonight.
So after work I picked up the kids and we headed for SuperCuts. When we arrived there were a few people waiting in the lobby, but we were there, so I decided we would wait. We settled in for the wait. I try really hard to keep my kids calm in this little waiting area, so we don't annoy the other customers.
First the kids built with legos. Then they looked at books and magazines. At this point we were getting a bit restless. The 4 of us turned around on the bench to look out the window and we decided to play I Spy.
Ally had her turn, she spied our car. Then it was Jacob's turn. Before Jacob could spy anything, Logan was throwing up all over the windowsill and the bench. So I turn him to look at me and he throws up some more all over me. My natural mommy sense told me I had nothing else I could do but let it land on me. Better on me, then all over the SuperCuts lobby.
My mom and her co-worker realized at this point I needed help. They excused themselves from their customers and ran for towels. But it was too late; the damage was done. Not only were Logan and I both covered, but so was the back of the bench and the window.
My mom and her co-worker were super sweet helping me wipe things up, but this wasn't a little wipe up amount of puke. It was a pull out the bench and scrub and even vacuum kind of puke.
I told them to leave me towels and I would work on it.
I directed Ally and Jacob to another bench. They were instructed to continue I Spy and be good. And luckily a couple of young men decided to join in the I Spy game and did a great job entertaining my kids. Thank you boys, whoever you are.
I placed Logan on a step stool and told him to sit. He did not act sick at all. He was ready to keep playing. I scrubbed and vacuumed and cleaned up as well as I could. And I really hope that there is no lingering smell.
Logan and I hung out mostly in the car, while my older 2 kids played I Spy and got their haircuts. After all was done, Logan was acting fine and we still needed to eat. So I went through the Burger King drive thru and got Macaroni and Cheese for the kids. I figured the pasta would be okay for Logan's tummy. When we got home I got the kids all set with their food and went to start some laundry. About a minute later Jacob and Ally were shouting at me that Logan was throwing up again.
After this Logan's food was thrown away, he got his pajamas on and I took him to bed. I really hope a good night sleep will help his yucky tummy. I think I am going to go cut myself a piece of pumpkin cheesecake and try to relax.

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Lani said...

nadeldiosOh my heavens. What a night! I hope he's feeling better!