Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Quiet Weekend

My life has been somewhat out of sorts for the past week. I ended up on jury duty for 2 days last week. Combine this with the Thanksgiving holiday and I only worked 1 day last week. Tomorrow, it should be interesting to go back to the chaos of my regular work week.
We had a fun Thanksgiving at Grandma's house. I made the pies and my mom and her husband took care of the rest. My kids are fairly good eaters, so holiday meals have never really been much of an obstacle. However, in the past year or so, Jacob has developed ideas of what he cannot eat. He promptly informed me that he is "kind of" allergic to pie, so he would not be able to eat any. Whenever I asked how he knew he was allergic to pie, he responded that he was "kind of" allergic. I still haven't figured out the difference, but it just left more pie for everyone else.
Jacob also ran into problems with the green beans. These green beans were not even normal green beans; they were cooked with bacon and brown sugar. I tried to tell him that they tasted more like candy than vegetables. I told him he had to take 1 bite of them. His response did not surprise me; he has done it before when he decided that he is not going to eat something. He began to gag himself. He was determined to make himself throw up (which I might add, he can do). This is a Jacob habit that really gets to me. Of course it was somewhat comical, so grandma, grandpa and myself were stifling the laughs that come when a 6 year old is trying to make himself throw up. I became determined and told him to just swallow it and it would be out of his mouth. He continued the drama. I think grandma didn't want to experience the puke, so I hear her say, spit it on your plate. To which I responded, no, swallow it. Repeatedly over his forced gagging, I told him to swallow. My mom finally gave in and said, your mom said you have to swallow, so you have to.
And guess what, he swallowed. And he didn't throw up. The green bean did not make him ill. His head was making him ill.
This is a huge frustration of mine with Jacob. But unfortunately it can be quite comical as well. But I did have 1 small victory when he swallowed the green bean.

Disclaimer: Please don't think I am force feeding my children. I don't make them eat what they don't like. I am just trying to make Jacob see that he needs to taste it before he decides.

The other big event of our weekend was the Beaver game. I have pondered how to write about the disappointment of thinking our team was headed to the Rose Bowl, but I haven't decided the best way to convey what I think. I will just say I was truly disappointed yesterday. But instead of thinking about how ugly that game yesterday was, I should be thinking about how great the season has been.

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Lani said...

My kids do that same gaggy thing. I hate it!