Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crazy Mommy

I truly believe being a mom has taken away some of my IQ points.
Today I was ready to begin washing bedding from all around my house. I emptied the dryer, because it is inevitable that there is always something in my washer. I open the washer to see a diaper on top. I was pretty impressed with Pampers, as this diaper had absorbed a lot of water. I picked it up and threw it away. Then I began taking clothes out, questioning how a diaper ended up in the washer, when I discovered the other diaper. This one had not done as well as the other. The insides of it were all over our clothes. If you have never seen what comes out of a diaper when it explodes, it is interesting. A lot of little crystally, foamy things come out. Not so interesting when they are all over your clothes and coming out of your washing machine.
My irritation level at this point was really high. I had tons of bedding sitting on the floor in front of my washer and now I had to clean all this up and re-wash the load of clothes that were in there. My head was searching for a way to blame one of my children for this, because surely I wouldn't have thrown diapers into my washing machine. Unfortunately, as I looked at the clothes, I remembered throwing the contents of a backpack into the washer. Of course, there were diapers in the backpack too.
Fast forward to bedtime. The kids and I are hunting for a book that we had just sat and read together. After looking downstairs and then upstairs, we were about to go back downstairs, when I find the book on the bookshelf.
I said you kids make me crazy. To which Ally responded, I love making you crazy!

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