Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Numerous reasons led me to schedule Ally's surgery a few days before Christmas. One of the most influential was my memories of Jacob after he had the same surgery at around the same age. He bounced back quickly. Obviously it took a while for him to be himself 100 percent, however I have no memories of misery.
Unfortunately I forgot a single important fact...Ally is not Jacob and Jacob is not Ally. Her recovery has been completely different.
This morning my Ally was miserable. She couldn't keep anything down and she was just so unresponsive. I was getting upset...the last thing I wanted was to have my daughter be so sad on Christmas Eve.
I will say that she really improved through the day. After I put her to bed tonight, she came back out to ask for a vitamin. (I was happy to hear her thinking about something so simple).
I really hope she will wake up refreshed and enjoy Christmas morning. But this has definitely been a good reminder for me about treating my kids as individuals. I cannot base the decisions I make upon what would work for the other kids. Each of my kids has individual, different needs.
Merry Christmas to everyone!

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