Saturday, December 6, 2008

Long Week...

For those people out there who read my blog, I am sorry for my lack of posting. This week just felt crazy. Work was busy and the kids managed to keep my evenings busy.
We did attend the local Christmas tree lighting. Santa rode in on a fire truck and passed out candy to all the kids. It was a fun evening. Logan just stared at Santa with wide eyes. I can't wait to take him to sit on Santa's lap. Jacob has been pushing me to get ready for Christmas. So this weekend we are pulling everything out and starting to decorate.
We have driven through the light display at the Pepsi company. My kids are at such fun ages for the holidays. Logan is beginning to talk non-stop. There aren't full sentences, but I usually understand what he is saying. When I drive, Logan spends the entire time pointing at the Christmas lights that he sees. And he says, Mama, I see, I see.
In other news, Jacob lost a tooth yesterday. This was the first one he has lost on top. This makes it much more visible than the others he has lost. I will get some pictures of him and post them soon.
I also hope to do some Christmas decorating and post some pics of how much the kids are loving this season. It always amazes me how fast time goes. Another week down...

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