Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ally's surgery went well yesterday morning. She was the first patient of the day so we arrived at 6:30 and she was wheeled back to the OR around 7:30. Around 8:30, Dr. Benton came out and said all went well. He did tell me that her tonsils and adenoids were huge and we should see a "night and day" difference. I am excited to see the difference. Ally and I were headed home by 9:30. It's pretty amazing to think this is a surgery for which they used to need people to stay the night in the hospital, and now Ally was able to head home in around 3 hours.
Yesterday Ally was not herself. She was given a lot of medications during the surgery and I think she spent most of the day allowing them to wear off. I had expected her to complain about pain but instead she was pretty calm and wouldn't really try to communicate.
I was finally able to get her to eat some bites of a milkshake for dinner, but I could tell she wasn't really up for it yet. After I put Logan to bed last night, I fixed hot cocoa for Jacob and me. When I saw that Ally was awake, I squatted in front of her and asked if I could get her anything. She looked at me and pointed, and simply said "Cheese." I almost busted up laughing. But I worked hard to hold it in. I told her she couldn't have cheese. I offered pudding, yogurt or popsicles. But all she would say was cheese. I couldn't help but laugh.
Ally was up for a short time during the night and I think she seemed more like Ally. So here's hoping today is a good day for her.

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