Thursday, December 18, 2008

Early Christmas Surprise

Today I called my grandmother to tell her that my mom had received a package from her. My grandmother's reponse was, that's not possible, I just mailed it. After awhile Grandmother called me back and remembered that she had ordered Oregon State t-shirts for my mom and her husband and that was what the package was. She said she knew the shirts didn't come wrapped and so she didn't care that they would see them right away. Fun idea, I thought. We always love more Beaver apparel in these parts.
This evening when I got home, there was a UPS note. I somewhat expected this as Grandmother told me she had sent some packages to us. There was also a small package between the door and the screen. This looked like it had clothing in it and I assumed it was some pajamas that I have ordered for the kids, so I put it aside, so they wouldn't notice.
Fast forward to after the kids are in bed, so I decided to check on the pajamas and make sure I got everything that I ordered. My first thought when I opened it was that there was not enough there. I was trying to figure out which children I had actually received pajamas for, when I realized these weren't pajamas. It was Beaver shirts for me and Jacob. What a fun surprise!

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