Monday, September 8, 2008

California Trip

So I took a bunch of pics on our trip to California to visit my uncle and aunt and their kids (that are about Jacob and Ally's age). However I put my memory card in my computer and accidently deleted a bunch of the pictures :( I was pretty upset and still looking for ways to find them, but here are the couple that I have left.

Here is Ally and her cousin Brooke in princess dresses. Brooke has lots and lots of princess dresses and Ally was in heaven playing in Brooke's room.

Here is Logan in the pool. He loved the waterfalls down in the deep end, so we would take him down there to play. He also got quite good at climbing out on the stairs and jumping back into the pool, so someone always had to be ready for him.

Here's Ally in the pool. She has been working to get more comfortable in the water. She loved this little tube. By the end of our time there, she could kick all over the pool in her little tube, and she was even willing to put her head underwater.

As you can see, nothing left of Jacob, but he was there too. He had an absolute blast in the pool. One time he accidently lost his noodle that he was floating on in the deep end and Grandma had to go save him. But that didn't even get him out of the water. By the end of the weekend, he would go underwater and do a full flip and come back up.
The pool was Jacob's highlight of the time and the princess stuff was Ally's highlight. It was a great time for all of us to get to visit with family who we don't see often. It was a bit of a drive, but definitely well worth it.
We really appreciate that our family welcomed us into their home to visit and made sure we had such a great time. And we were also really glad to have Grandma and Great Grandma along with us. Thank you everyone!!

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