Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Reminder

Lately I have been frustrated with my oldest son. I love him dearly but we just seem to butt heads over everything. It seems like he would argue with me even if I simply stated that the sky is blue.
But this afternoon Jacob reminded me of how much I love him. I have heard all week about the book fair that is at school. I have told him to wait until I have to go to Open House on Thursday and we will talk about possible purchases.
When I went through Jacob's backpack today I found a brand new board book (pictured above). Jacob explained that his teacher had given him a token to get something at the book fair, so he chose a book for his baby brother. He had to add that Logan should really work on learning his ABCs.
Thank you Jacob for reminding me that we need to think of others, even when there are probablly a million things that we want.

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