Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Maybe it flew somewhere...

So I am still figuring out dropping off Ally and Logan at daycare and then taking Jacob to school. I have been leaving the car running while I take Ally and Logan into the babysitter's house because I thought Jacob would want to be able to listen to music. I thought that if I told him to stay in his seat, that would be enough. But honestly shouldn't I know better. So this morning when I dropped the younger two off, I peeked back out the door to see my oldest son sitting in the front seat. Lesson learned: he's not quite ready for that.
On to the actual story. As I came out of work at 5:00 today, I could see as I opened my car door that something was wrong. My Explorer has this little "anti-theft device," which has regularly been a pain in my butt. It is a little computer type chip on a plastic hook that slides into a spot right down by my knee under the dashboard. If this little device is removed, my car does not start. I have more than once thought that my car battery was dead, when in fact that "wonderful" little device has been knocked on the floor.
As I opened my car today though, I automatically observed this device was nowhere to be seen. Did someone steal this? What would be the use? Is someone laughing at me, as they have this in their pocket and watch me in my skirt looking all over my car floor and even in the parking lot for this stupid plastic device.
As my discouragement started to approach tears, a picture flashed through my mind. A picture of my oldest son sitting in my front seat earlier that day. I thought it through. The car was on when he was up there and I didn't shut it off until I arrived at work, so this would be the first time I noticed his hijinx from this morning.
I picked up my phone. What if the kid has it in his pocket? What type of money would it cost to replace this little thing because knowing my child this essential device could be anywhere. As soon as the babysitter answered the phone, I asked for Jacob. He got on the phone while I was still looking through my car.

Me: Jacob, did you take out my little thing that lets the car start?

Jacob: No.

Me: Do you know what I'm talking about?

Jacob: Yes.

Me: Where could it be?

Jacob: Maybe it fell.

Me: Where would it fall?

Jacob: (pause) Maybe it flew somewhere.

As I began to ask where it could have flew, I spotted it tucked very nicely into the handle that opens the console in the middle of my front seat (which is conveniently covered by my arm rest). I did have to talk to Jacob about honesty when I picked him up. But how can I not find it funny that his little mind was coming up with a story about this device flying. I am definitely still learning about 6 year olds.

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