Thursday, September 18, 2008

The One With the Missing Princess...

Ally left us last night to spend 2 nights with Great Grandma. She was pretty excited to go keep Great Grandma company while Great Grandpa is out of town. So after our busy Thursday evening which includes Tae Kwon Do and swimming lessons, Great Grandma came and took Ally to Salem.
I have always enjoyed girly things and having a daughter as girly as Ally is such a delight. But these 2 boys are so special. They can always make me smile.
This morning Logan was the only one with the babysitter, so they headed to the store and stopped by work to visit me. What a way to brighten my day, looking up and seeing Logan's smiley little face just brings joy to my heart.
This evening the boys and I went grocery shopping and we got some junk food, so Jacob and I can stay up, eat junk, watch TV and play computer. Just have a fun lazy night.
I knew Jacob's class had planned to make applesauce today. So I asked him how the applesauce was. He informed me he didn't like the applesauce; he just likes the kind from the factory.
I love my special boys!!

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