Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Grade

Okay, I haven't quit blogging. I was on vacation and took a vacation from my blog as well. But now I'm back to real life. Our vacation was a blast. We visited family in California and it was hot and we spent a great deal of time in the pool. I have pictures but I accidently deleted some, so I'm messing with my memory card trying to find them, but I will post them soon.
Today was Jacob's first day of first grade. It is hard to believe that he can be in school all day long. It was a very long day for me, thinking about if he was doing okay, making it through. But it appears all went well. Jacob never tells me too much about what happens. But I do know that one of his best friends from last year was there this morning, which I think probablly made the day easier. Well my pictures of Jacob from this morning are on the same memory card, so hopefully I will get them posted tomorrow.
Vacation is fun, but I always enjoy coming home!

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