Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Me Monday

Lately I have found myself addicted to a wonderful blog written by MckMama. Her family's story is inspiring and I would recommend everyone go check it out. Well, MckMama has this fun, new idea where we can all share those things that we "did not" do during the previous week. So I decided I want to play along.

I "did not" get excited when Grandmother called and asked if Ally could spend 2 days in Salem to keep her company while Grandpa was out of town. I wouldn't get excited to have 1 less child for a period of time.
I "did not" suggest that since Ally was away, Jacob and I could go shopping for junk food for Friday night. I "did not" then go home, put Logan to bed, turn on a movie for Jacob, eat some junk food and promptly fall asleep on the couch. That would not be a responsible mother.
I "did not" also buy a bottle of wine when we went junk food shopping.
I "did not" spill my first glass of wine into a paper tray which had held the sushi that I ate for dinner. That spill "did not" catapult soy sauce that had been in the tray so that I had soy sauce in my hair and on my feet.
I "did not" find soy sauce on the other side of the kitchen on Saturday morning.
And finally I "did not" spend a great deal of time thinking about what I "did not" do, and then worry about whether I know how to put a link within my blog post. And I "did not" hope that I would impress MckMama because I think she is a great writer.
And I "will not" spend the next week thinking about writing a better Not Me Monday post for next week.

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