Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bowling, Bowling, Bowling...

Last month we went to my work Christmas party, which was a family bowling party. We had lots of fun and I discovered that Logan loves bowling. Even after Jacob, Ally and I were done, Logan was still bowling. So I have been considering a bowling party for Logan's birthday in a couple of weeks.
Today we decided to go check out the bowling alley near GG's house and make sure Logan really does love bowling. That was a really great way to spend our Sunday afternoon! And I think Logan may be a true bowler.

Back to work for me tomorrow. And back to school for the kids this week. The holidays are done for now. I plan to start keeping a log of my food and exercise tomorrow. I also intend to continue blogging regularly. I just want to make sure I write those things down so anyone reading this can hold me accountable.

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