Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our New Year

We did kids and I made it until midnight and rang in 2010 together! We went outside and the kids banged pots and pans. And then some neighbors started setting off fireworks. It was a fun way to begin our year.
Logan had so much fun staying up for the New Year. But at 11:30 he looked at me and asked if it was time for bed. If he would have asked earlier, I would have just let him go to bed. But it was so close to midnight so I told him he needed to stay up. I think he was glad he didn't go to bed.
On New Years Day it took us a long time to get up and going. But we finally got going and headed over to Grandma's house for tacos. Tacos are my mom's specialty. We watched the Rose Bowl. It was bittersweet since our Beavers were 1 win away from being there (for the second year in a row). But it was fun to eat tacos, watch football and spend time with family.
After football my kids headed to their dad's house and I got to go have a girl's night with my grandma. We watched movies and stayed up late. It's always fun to have grown up time! We watched Julie and Julia. This was such a cute movie!
Today I had to get some work done. I finally got the Christmas tree down and decorations put away. It is so hard to keep all of the things that 3 kids receive as gifts organized. But it feels good; my living room is mine again! I even hung up new pictures and calendars that I had from Christmas. And I was able to rearrange the top of my entertainment center. I am really happy to have it all done.
Here is the rearranged top of my entertainment center. I did have some ugly speakers on it. I realized that I never used them, so here is what I did. (Please ignore the tape...I was using that...its not part of the decor.)

I tried to take a picture of our new family portrait. Unfortunately my house was dark, so I needed to use the flash. This caused a huge glare. Logan is under the glare; just try to imagine it!

Here is my Christmas present from Jacob. I love this calendar. I feel bad putting up the picture of January because Jacob told me he was sick the day they did this page, so his wasn't as good. I will have to post a picture every month.

And here is my other calendar. GG made this for us and I love it. Look at all those birthdays we have coming up this month!

I hope everyone else's new year has been as wonderful as mine!

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