Monday, January 18, 2010

Dear Logan...

It is unbelievable that you are turning 3 years old.  You are my baby...though you do not enjoy it when I call you such.
Since the day you were born you have been such a light in my life.  You love to see people smile. I think you know what you are doing when you are silly; you want people to laugh.  I love your smile.  I treasure your smile.  I have a habit of taking life too seriously and you are always showing me that there is fun in everything.
You have also shown me that even though I have 2 children that have survived their toddler years, I am not an expert.  You are your own person and I am not easily able to convince you to do anything.  If you do something its usually because you have decided that it is time.  I would just appreciate a clue as to when you will think it is time to be done with diapers.  Just give me a date and I would be happy to know that an end is in sight.
You may have been born a "preemie," but now at 3 years old, you are a big boy.  You are so tall.  You are atleast half a head above other 3 year olds.  And you are about to outgrow your 5 year old sister.  I think you might be bigger than her by next year at this time.
I love you Logan and I love seeing you grow!  Thank you for so much happiness!
Love, Mom

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Anonymous said...

Oh man Nikki....This is so awesome! I dont think I have ever seen such a neat letter to a son from his to get the tissues out tonight after reading this one..ugh. Your kids love you so are a great mom...thanks for sharing them with me.