Thursday, January 7, 2010

In Mourning...

Santa brought Logan a small fish tank for Christmas. After which we promptly purchased 2 fish and 2 snails. The fish were named Nemo and Dorothy. (I know Doree was in Finding Nemo, but Logan insisted it was Dorothy.) The snails are Garey and Goldey.

Maybe it was my pessimistic nature, but I have been waiting for a fish to die. I am not lucky with fish and I just knew it would happen.

Today was the day. Nemo is no longer with us. After Nemo was out of the tank and gone, it was time to tell the kids. Logan asked to see Nemo. I had to explain tht he was already gone. But he was pretty accepting. He would say Nemo died and is gone.

However Ally was heartbroken! Tears, tears and more tears came from Ally. She told me that we hadn't had Nemo very long. She cried that she missed Nemo so much!

Ally has finally calmed down. Time for bed. We loved you Nemo!


Sandee said...

ah....I remember the week, a couple years ago, that spike (a catapillar!!!) died...they were truly stricken! Poor thing.

Anonymous said...

of course dramatic ally she needs to have no pets

Anonymous said...

sorry that comment was from me grandma