Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's Going On? (List Form)

*We are already halfway through the week.  Wednesday is's all downhill from here.  And I'm even taking an extra day off next Monday for Logan's birthday; so I am even looking forward to a 3 day weekend.
*Tonight Ally cried a lot!  That's what I get for letting her stay up to watch American Idol.  She cried when she bumped her cup on her tooth.  And she cried when she spilled juice.  I wonder if I cried that much when I was 5.
*American Idol has not been that interesting this week.  I remember in the early days of Idol when watching the audition shows was really fun.  Now I just want them to get to Hollywood.
*Jacob's spelling list has the word anemometer in the challenge section.  I had to google it; I should have just asked Jacob.  He measures wind speed.
*I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting last night.  I'm excited and motivated right now.  I cannot guarantee that my happiness about this will last.
*Tonight I put some old Pull Ups on Logan, from when Ally wore Pull Ups.  These Pull Ups have princesses on them.  So I told him since he isn't using the big boy potty, he is now a baby girl, wearing a baby girl diaper.  He thought that was funny.  I told him he would have a princess birthday and I would buy him make up.  He did not think that was funny.  He wants a boy birthday with choo choos.  Is it sad that I am calling my son a girl to try to motivate him to potty train?? 
*Happy Birthday to my Mom tomorrow!!!

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thank you for the happy birhday