Saturday, January 9, 2010

Passing Down the Love

Today I made a trip to Costco (always fun). I was looking at their books and I just wished for more reading time. I love books! All those words, all those stories. I always have atleast a stack of books waiting for me. But I know someday my children won't be so small and those books will still be there waiting. Currently I am enjoying an Anita Shreve book.

I wish that there was some magic I could use to pass this love on to Jacob. Struggling through learning to read with Jacob has been one of the most challenging things I have tackled. He tries so hard and it frustrates him when he isn't able to read perfectly.

One of the most important resolutions that I made this year was to work really hard with Jacob on his reading. This past week I can see how my effort really makes a difference in Jacob's success. I have found a small chapter book that him and I take turns reading out of every night. It isn't always easy to find this time but it is so important. We are really enjoying this and I hope this is the magic that I need to pass on my love of books.

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